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Reprint 4
Centenary Volume: 30 articles selected 1878-1975

366pp Size:180x250mm Hardcover
Reprint 7
The Study of Ancient Times in the Malay Peninsula and Straits of Malacca

By Dato Sir Ronald Braddell
522pp. Size:160x 250mm Hardcover
Reprint 12
A History of Classical Malay Literature

By Sir Richard Winstedt
Revised, edited and introduction by Y.A. Talib
266pp. Size:180x260mm Hardcover
Reprint 13
An Expedition to Trengganu and Kelantan

By Hugh Clifford
180pp. Size:150x220mm Softcover
Reprint 14
Eredia’s Description of Malacca

By J.V. Mills
New introduction by Cheah Boon Kheng
347pp. Size:160x240mm Hardcover
Reprint 15
Notes and Queries

By W.E. Maxwell
146pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 16
Keris and other Malay Weapons

183pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 17
Sejarah Melayu (MS Raffles No. 18)

Compiled by Cheah Boon Kheng, Rumi Text by Abdul Rahman Haji Ismail, with introduction by Abdul Rahman Haji Ismail, R. Roolvink, R.O. Winstedt
327pp. Size: 150x220mm (hardcover) (softcover)
(Only available as one of three volumes in Boxset)
Reprint 18
Papers relating to Brunei

With introduction by Cheah Boon Kheng
192pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 19
The Prevention of Malaria in the Federated Malay States

by Malcolm Watson
400pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 20
John Leyden's Translation of the Malay Annals, 1821

with introductory material by Virginia and Barry Hooker
465pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
(Only available as one of three volumes in Boxset)
Reprint 21
Records and Recollections 1889-1934

with introductory material by
J.M. Gullick
300pp. Size:150x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 22
British Malaya 1824-67

By L.A. Mills
432pp. Size: 157x235mm Hardcover
Reprint 23
The Trade of Singapore 1819-1869

By Wong Lin Ken
317pp. Size:165x255mm Hardcover
Reprint 24
Malay Magic: Malay Magic: Being an Introduction to the Folklore and Popular Religion of the Malay Peninsula

By Walter William Skeat
764pp. Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Reprint 25
Southeast Asia - China Interactions

Selected and introduced by Geoff Wade With a foreword by Wang Gungwu
620pp. Size: 184x260mm Hardcover
Reprint 26
Selections from the Selangor Journal

Edited and Introduced by John Gullick
660pp. Size: 140x216mm Softcover
Reprint 27
Boats, Boatbuilding and Fishing in Malaysia

411pp. Size: 184x260mm Hardcover
Reprint 28
Malay Annals

(Translated by C.C. Brown from MS Raffles No. 18)
276pp. Size: 140x215mm Softcover
(Only available as one of three volumes in Boxset)
Reprint 29
Hikayat Abdullah

An Annotated Translation by A.H. Hill
With foreword by Cheah Boon Kheng 364pp. 140x220mm Hardcover
Reprint 30
Malay Arts and Crafts

Tan Sri Dato' Mubin Sheppard
264pp 180x254mm S/C
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